Why Choose Dolomites Fertilizer?

Dolomites fertilizer has highly pure, natural micro-nutrients. It also contains calcium, magnesium, iron, aluminium, and silica. These are all necessary ingredients for creating healthy soil, and ultimately producing the strongest and healthiest plants.

Calcium is used to stimulate the buds, shoots, flowers, fruits, and roots of a plant. Additionally, it helps to build up the cell walls in the plant which ultimately prevents flowers and fruits from falling prematurely.

Magnesium is used to make the plants much more durable, richer in colour, and ultimately much more suitable for cooking. This is used by farmers to create healthier yields that enrich our diets. Everybody wins!

Silica makes plants much stronger with healthier cell walls. It’s also incredibly useful for the production of rice.

PH 9.6 reduces the acidity of the soil. It also helps to nourish it, make it loamier, ventilate it, and releases nutrients that may have otherwise been frozen. It is also especially useful for managing the bacteria levels in the soil and maintaining a healthy balance.

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